Have you got your Facebook timeline cover design covered?

facebook timeline design

A bit of latest news for you…if you have a page for your business on Facebook, you will have probably already spotted that on 30th March 2012, your page will, in Facebook’s words, be getting a ‘brand new design’. Facebook are rolling out their timeline format across all pages, both personal and business.

So what are the advantages of the new timeline layout? These will soon become clear as you play around with the new format. To name just a couple of useful changes, you will be able to pin your most important posts to the top of your timeline (formerly referred to as your wall). And as your posts are now displayed chronologically, if you’re clever about it you can use the new format to show the world how your business has evolved over time. Check out the new ‘milestones’ you can use when creating a post about a particular key moment or episode in the life of your business you wish to highlight, such as a new product launch or special event that’s happening. A milestone post will be marked out from the rest of your posts and will be more prominently displayed on your page.

But perhaps the most obvious and important change that will happen to your page on March 30th is the introduction of a 851-pixel wide cover image of your choosing spreading all the way across the top of your page like a banner. This image will be present in addition to your standard profile picture, which is now required to be a small square (and so any vertical banner you have had designed for your page previously will be reduced to this!). This change is a brilliant opportunity to create a great first impression of your Facebook page and your business as a whole, so choose wisely. But beware! There are a number of restrictions regarding what information you can include on your cover design – for more details about these restrictions click here.

Need a hand with the design of your Facebook cover image for the new timeline layout? Throughout March and April 2012, Back Room SAM will happily design and deliver a professional and eye-catching banner design especially for your page, for just £30. Just give me a bell on 07866 417211 or email me on sarah@backroomsam.co.uk to chat about your new fancy design.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and hope you come back very soon!

sarah x