5 Tips for Sending a Christmas Email Newsletter

blog imageHow many Christmas newsletters have landed in your inbox so far this year? The festive season not only provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to get in touch with their contacts to wish them well, but a Christmas e-newsletter can also work as an effective marketing tool.

1. Thank people for their custom and support
Whatever your reason for sending out a Christmas newsletter, be sure to include a short message of thanks and appreciation to those who have been valuable in sustaining or growing your business this year.

2. Provide useful information
Make sure you include important information such as Christmas opening times, last minute or new year promotions, and any advice or tips that might be specifically relevant to the festive season.

3. Make it personal
Christmas newsletters are great for building personal relationships with clients and customers. This means communicating person-to-person rather than just business-to-business. Use email marketing software that allows you to insert the name of each recipient into the subject line or text of the newsletter. And sign the newsletter off as coming from you and/or your team.

4. Use a suitable design
Now, let me say this loud and clear. Just because it’s Christmas this is not an excuse for tacky design! By all means give your newsletter a special festive feel…but please, do it tastefully and even more important, in a way which reflects your business, your industry and your image and positioning.

5. Point recipients to other online points of engagement
Don’t forget to use the newsletter as a marketing tool. Take advantage of this ‘touch-point’ with your customers and clients and point them in the direction of other places online that may cause them to buy from you now or in the near future. What pages on your website may be of interest to them? Are there any particular blog posts they might find useful? Include links to your Social Media sites so they can connect with your business and follow your activities going forward.

Over to you
Have you sent out a Christmas e-newsletter this year? Have you got any tips or advice? Share them below.

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